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Fall 2000: Words & Reflections Introduction

By Opinion September 15, 2000

The death penalty is under the journalistic microscope. Scrutiny of prosecutions and court procedures, along with new testing of DNA evidence, is illuminating ways in which the legal system—from the cops to the courts—does not always arrive at a just … Read more

Designing and Distributing the Survey

Opinion June 15, 2000

With the help of researcher Sue Schuermann, electronic databases were examined to find news stories about corporate crimes and misconduct. These examples were individualized for inclusion in the letters that queried 124 opinion-shapers. The examples, drawn mostly from news reports in … Read more

News Stories about Corporate Crime and Misconduct

Opinion June 15, 2000

The query to editorial page editors and commentators cited more than 20 specific examples of grave corporate crime and misconduct. A sampling follows: The Ortho unit of Johnson & Johnson* pleaded guilty to conspiring to obstruct and obstructing justice and … Read more