1. 2. State and Local Government

    Watchdog September 15, 1998

    Joyce Purnick, the panel chair, led the discussion. Discussion Who’s Who Bauer, Charlotte—Assistant to Editor, Sunday Times, Johannesburg. Berkes, Howard—Correspondent based in Salt Lake City, National Public Radio. Berliner, Uri—Staff Writer, San Diego Union Tribune. Bradlee, Benjamin Jr.—Assistant Managing … Read more

  2. A Newsman’s Style as Envoy in Africa

    By Books June 15, 1998

    When one thinks of how an ambassador’s career gets started, a rocky beach and seagulls don’t likely come to mind. But this is how Smith Hempstone, a former Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Times and 1965 Nieman Fellow, says he first … Read more

  3. Scoop Artist Who Isn’t a Journalist

    By Books June 15, 1998

    “Born to see; meant to look.” That’s the personal motto taken from Goethe’s “Faust” that Peter Drucker, the legendary thinker and management expert, uses to describe his profession. An observer, not a participant. Almost like a … Read more

  4. Tobacco and the American Civil Liberties Union

    Opinion June 15, 1998

    ACLU’s Charges New York To the Editor: Morton Mintz’s latest diatribe against the ACLU only serves to degrade and debase the standards of your magazine, whose stated purpose is “to promote and elevate the standards of … Read more