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Spring 2001

Colombia: The War Against Journalists

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Reporting on Colombia’s war is extremely dangerous for journalists. For what they publish and broadcast, reporters are threatened and harassed, kidnapped and beaten, driven into exile and murdered. Only in Algeria have more journalists been murdered during recent years in retaliation for the work they do.

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International Journalism: Columbia: The War Against Journalists

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Journalist's Trade: Tapping New Sources

Journalist's Trade: Youth Journalism

Spring 2001: Youth Journalism Introduction

By Journalist’s Trade March 15, 2001

Mark Goodman, director of the Student Press Law Center, laments the lessons about journalism and the First Amendment that young people are learning as adults censor what they write. “Professionals who fail to defend student press freedom will have only themselves to blame when young journalists they hire are one day as indifferent to the First Amendment as many working journalists are now to the problems confronted by the high-school press,” Goodman warns. Read more

Journalist's Trade: Political Journalism


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