Winter 2023

What Open-Source Journalism Reveals

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More than nine months into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the online methods for tracking this war are many and proliferating, including the most obvious source of all : social media networks. From the missile attack on a mall in Kremenchuk to mass graves in Motyzhyn, many reporters have relied on open-source investigations (OSI) — or the use of publicly accessible sources, like satellite imagery and social media posts — to expose Russia’s crimes in this war. Though the war in Ukraine has been exemplary of OSI, open-source newsgathering is becoming integrated into journalistic practice as a standard reporting technique, particularly at investigative outlets. Nieman Reports’ Winter 2023 takes a look at how open-source investigations are becoming a mainstay in the digital age, and the newsrooms that have taken the lead in incorporating OSI into their reporting.

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Fighting Back Against SLAPP

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Sued for Doing Journalism

By Features November 11, 2022

In 2021, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sued Andrea Gallo, a reporter for The Advocate and The Times-Picayune, for requesting access to public records related to sexual harassment complaints against the head of the state AG’s criminal division. Asserting … Read more

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