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Journalist’s Trade

After the Capitol Riot, Journalists Contend with Rage against the Media

Trump’s stoking of hostility — rhetorical and physical — toward reporters is likely to outlast his presidency


How Can Journalists Better Serve Immigrant Communities?

Radically reimagine immigration journalism to make it more responsive to the information needs of multicultural and multilingual audiences


The Extremist Mob at the U.S. Capitol was America, Too

Journalists need to do a better job conveying that ugly truth to audiences


Don’t Exoticize Latino Voters; Report on Them as Americans

As journalists turn their attention to the inauguration and the 2022 midterms, report on Latinos like any other group of voters


The Post Office Helped Save Our Elections. It Can Help Save Our Newspapers, Too

It’s time to once again fully subsidize second-class mail delivery of newspapers

From the Curator

Journalism’s Reckoning with “Manipulation at a Mass Scale”

Journalism is adopting a more robust rhetoric in response to the amplification of Trump’s demagoguery by social media and cable news

Live @ Lippmann

Cultural Competency and Why It Is Important to Covering Today’s America

Farai Chideya on white nationalists, intelligent questions, and the media’s failure to cover racial resentment


In Lebanon, a Bold New Era for Accountability Journalism

The devastating blast in Beirut has spurred investigations and outrage among journalists


In Morocco, Press Freedom Advocates Say Sex Charges are Used to Silence Journalists

Despite a state-backed crackdown, some journalists are managing to do independent reporting


Race is Central to Half of Nieman Reports’ Top 10 Stories of 2020

The pandemic and presidential election round out the subjects covered in the most-read Nieman Reports stories


Beyond Superheroes Vs. Villains

Journalists must play a role in bridging the divides in our political discourse

Live @ Lippmann

Eric Deggans on How to Cover Race Without Perpetuating Prejudice

The NPR critic on the need to rethink crime news, to stop treating issues of race episodically, and follow the lead of young journalists pushing for change