Race Intrudes on a Newspaperman’s Career

By Books March 15, 1999

Ted Poston: Pioneering American JournalistKathleen Hauke University of Georgia Press. 326 Pages. $29.95.In today’s age of hyper-speed journalism, where news cycles change hourly and consumers can get stories at the click of a mouse, it’s interesting … Read more

The Culture of Secrecy: Can It Be Cracked Open?

By Books March 15, 1999

Secrecy: The American ExperienceDaniel Patrick Moynihan Yale University Press. 262 Pages. $22.50. A Culture of Secrecy: The Government Versus the People’s Right to KnowEdited by Athan G. Theoharis University Press of Kansas. 245 Pages. $29.95.Has unwarranted secrecy caused needless … Read more