Race Intrudes on a Newspaperman’s Career

By Books March 15, 1999

Ted Poston: Pioneering American JournalistKathleen Hauke University of Georgia Press. 326 Pages. $29.95.In today’s age of hyper-speed journalism, where news cycles change hourly and consumers can get stories at the click of a mouse, it’s interesting … Read more

The Culture of Secrecy: Can It Be Cracked Open?

By Books March 15, 1999

Secrecy: The American ExperienceDaniel Patrick Moynihan Yale University Press. 262 Pages. $22.50. A Culture of Secrecy: The Government Versus the People’s Right to KnowEdited by Athan G. Theoharis University Press of Kansas. 245 Pages. $29.95.Has unwarranted secrecy caused needless … Read more

Spring 1999: Books Introduction

By Books March 15, 1999

As foreign reporting struggles to find its foothold in the news that Americans watch, listen to and read, reporters write books about human tragedies they observe. They hope someone will pay attention. We open this section by examining some current … Read more