Election '16: Lessons for Journalism
Nieman Reports’ ongoing series exploring political coverage in the age of Trump

As journalists continue to critique their coverage of the presidential election, Nieman Reports is publishing an ongoing series of articles exploring the issues, challenges and opportunities—from newsroom diversity to fake news to community news outlets—that will inform reporting going forward. Read more

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Live @ Lippmann

Andrew Fitzgerald: “The way people are talking about something in the world is in itself news. … Increasingly, the conversation itself is driving that news cycle.”

Twitter’s director of curation on breaking out of one’s filter bubble, the value of memes, and how journalists can use Twitter as a newsgathering tool

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

For African Journalists, Trump’s Treatment of the Press Is All Too Familiar

In Africa, many journalists fear President Trump's rhetorical attacks on the U.S. press will embolden African leaders to roll back press freedoms


A Time for Press Solidarity, Not Finger-Pointing

The response of correspondents at two German newspapers to a journalist’s detention in Turkey raises questions about newsroom diversity and solidarity


The Israeli Press under Pressure

How Israeli reporters are covering a combative administration and an increasingly polarized public


What U.S. Journalists Covering Trump Can Learn from the Israeli Press

Having dealt for years with a hostile and obfuscating administration, Israeli journalists have a few tips for their American colleagues

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Sweden, Trump, and Reality

Examining what lies beneath the misinformation implicit in the president’s remark

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

Will the Trump White House Defend Press Freedom Abroad?

Trump's treatment of the press as the enemy has long been the default position of autocratic regimes around the world

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

On Being a Black Journalist

“I’ve had editors in my career tell me: ‘We hired you to be a journalist. Leave that black stuff outside’ when I insisted on better reporting about communities of color.”

Live @ Lippmann

David Fahrenthold: “I learned … how much other people know that you can tap into with social media.”

The Washington Post reporter on his crash course in charity law and Trump’s foundation, the value of his Twitter followers as researchers, and new avenues for covering the president