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Hooked on the Power of Sound

A public radio news director recounts his long history with audio storytelling, from the kitchen radio to the podcast feed

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Harvard’s House of Blues

When B.B. King performed at Lippmann House in 1980, he did it for love

5 Questions

Cory Haik: “Digital demands all shapes and forms”

The Washington Post’s executive producer and senior editor, digital news explains the process behind the newspaper’s “artisanal” Kindle app, and why mobile news is all about the moment

5 Questions

Masha Gessen: “We’ve been thinking about terrorism all wrong”

The 2004 Nieman Fellow discusses her new book about the Boston Marathon bombers, and how narratives can get in the way of facts

Cover Story: The Offending Art

The Offending Art: Political Cartooning after the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Satirists around the world come to terms with the danger of "punching up" at those in power


A Blueprint for How to Make J-School Matter (Again)

In this excerpt from her forthcoming e-book, Amy Webb outlines a new blueprint for the future of journalism education


What Reporters Need to Know About Covering Net Neutrality

With news audiences moving online, journalists have a vested interest in coverage of this complicated topic


Local Weeklies Are Covering the Communities Big Dailies Ignore

Whether bound by geography or interest, communities need strong newspapers


In the Balkans, Whistle-Blowing News Outlets Struggle to Survive

From shady deals for government advertising to journalists choosing self-censorship, it's not easy running a publication in the former Yugoslavia

From the Curator

Charlie Hebdo and Boko Haram: Parsing the Equivalency Debate

Is it possible to place stories on some universal scale of import and assign coverage and empathy accordingly?