Rethinking the White House Beat

Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, reporters on one of 2016’s most important news stories, the Panama Papers, recently issued a challenge in an … Read more

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Can News Literacy Be Taught?

At a time when more critical media consumption is sorely needed, news literacy can be a difficult skill to impart


Flagging Fake News

A look at some potential tools and strategies for identifying misinformation

Live @ Lippmann

S. Mitra Kalita: “‘They don’t know, they don’t show’—those words [from ‘Boyz n the Hood’] just penetrated me. … Those words have been the refrain of my career”

CNN Digital’s VP for programming on bringing change to the LA Times, experimenting on different platforms, and her company’s role in the digital age


Covering Sexual Assault

Reporting on rape and sexual assault challenges journalists to build trust with sources and avoid injecting bias into the story


Another Under-Covered Trump-Voting Demographic

We need fewer stories about poor white Trump voters and more about rich white ones


Here Comes Somebody: Journalism and the Trust Economy

Mark Little, founder of Storyful, on what the digital economy of news would look like if it was optimized for trust

Live @ Lippmann

Zach Seward: “We focus on the user experience heavily in everything we do.”

Quartz’s executive editor on its high-end advertising strategy, its constantly changing product offerings, and presenting news in an entertaining app

Opinion: Ethics

Reporting the Bad News—And the Good

Uncovering corruption is a key role of journalists but so is highlighting government programs that make people’s lives better

Live @ Lippmann

Andrew Fitzgerald: “The way people are talking about something in the world is in itself news. … Increasingly, the conversation itself is driving that news cycle.”

Twitter’s director of curation on breaking out of one’s filter bubble, the value of memes, and how journalists can use Twitter as a newsgathering tool

Election '16: Lessons for Journalism

For African Journalists, Trump’s Treatment of the Press Is All Too Familiar

In Africa, many journalists fear President Trump's rhetorical attacks on the U.S. press will embolden African leaders to roll back press freedoms


A Time for Press Solidarity, Not Finger-Pointing

The response of correspondents at two German newspapers to a journalist’s detention in Turkey raises questions about newsroom diversity and solidarity


The Israeli Press under Pressure

How Israeli reporters are covering a combative administration and an increasingly polarized public