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How Cartoons Helped Define The New Yorker

In "Cast of Characters," Thomas Vinciguerra, a founding editor of The Week, examines the early cartoonists who put their stamp on The New Yorker

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Ethan Zuckerman: “Journalistic organizations … need to have a civic impact”

The director of MIT's Center for Civic Media on business models, his dislike of Facebook, and participatory versus traditional media

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Alex Miller of Vice: “What Is it Like to Be There?”

The millennial-focused media group's global head of content on its in-your-face reporting, its approach to revenue, and what legacy outlets like The New York Times and BBC do well


Using Network News to Tell Small Stories with Big Impacts

How a TV producer learned to believe in the power of character-driven narratives that resonate with audiences

Cover Story: Automation in the Newsroom

Automation in the Newsroom

How algorithms are helping reporters expand coverage, engage audiences, and respond to breaking news

Cover Story: Automation in the Newsroom

A Brief Guide to Robot Reporting Tools

From crime statistics to SEC filings, software agents can monitor vast amounts of open data to help journalists spot potential stories


Why News Outlets Are Watching India’s Next Billion Internet Users

As Quartz, BuzzFeed, and The Huffington Post look for footholds in India, the bigger opportunity for news may be among the Indians buying smartphones to access information in languages other than English

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Medium’s Evan Hansen: “The Real Unit of Exchange Is … People”

The online publishing platform's head of content labs on optimum story length, writing for free, and how to fix the experience of reading and writing on the Internet


In China, Legal Affairs Reporting Is Not Just a Beat

Covering courts in China is perilous, but rule of law is the only option for a better future