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Harvard’s House of Blues

Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King told Nieman Fellows about his hardscrabble beginnings and played for them one afternoon at Lippmann House back in the fall of 1980

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The Writer, Chronicler of His Time

A writer and journalist reflects on the differences in Cuba between literature and journalism

Susan Glasser and Jill Abramson on Female Newsroom Leadership

“To be a woman in this kind of public life today, you basically have to have the skin of a rhinoceros”

Nieman Notes

Discovering His Voice

Norman Robinson, NF ’89, on not backing down in a career-defining exchange with a Klansman-turned-politician

The State of News in Cuba

A sui generis ecosystem of consumption and exchange of information

Undercovering the Sources of Racial Conflict

Philip Meyer, inventor of precision journalism, on how social science can enhance reporting on Ferguson

Celebrating 35 Years at Walter Lippmann House

The Nieman Foundation recognizes its lasting debt to Walter Lippmann, who helped bring the program from “dubious experiment” to permanent resident at Harvard

10 Easy Ways to Save Journalism

Former Texas Tribune reporter Kate Galbraith says big media should learn some lessons from start-ups


Plus ça change…

Ousted editors, newsroom revolts, and government subsidies—welcome to French journalism’s battle for survival


“Thick Files and a Long Memory”

Cuba may be opening up economically, but being a journalist in the country is still a risky business


Facts, Not Opinions

Sites like Cubanet are the island’s information lifeline


It’s Good to Talk

Hablemos Press is trying to bring freedom of expression to Cuba, one story at a time