“A mass shooting, only in slow motion”

Newsrooms are moving away from a focus on mass shootings to tell more nuanced stories about the people and communities marred by gun violence

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What Happens When News Outlets Stop Talking and Start Listening?

This spring, KPCC launched a community-driven storytelling series that puts unheard stories center stage

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Mexican Journalists Say “No to Silence”

Marcela Turati describes the first three days of #AgendaDePeriodistas, a campaign to defend Mexican journalists and freedom of expression


Djinns in the Newsroom

What journalists can learn from the courage and creativity of Islam’s mythological creatures

The Murder of Javier Valdez: A Test for Mexico’s Democracy

Together with colleagues around the globe, we call on the Mexican government to solve one case: the murder of reporter Javier Valdez, and thus elevate assaults on journalists to the gravity of what they really are—threats to Mexico’s national security

Opinion: Mexico Journal

“The struggle against silence in Mexico is a relay race”

Marcela Turati reflects on her return to Mexico and the violent threats against journalists in the country


How Venezuela’s independent digital news outlets are covering the turmoil in their country

Journalist Luz Mely Reyes: “We want to spark information, like the firefly does, to illuminate an entire country”

Opinion: Ethics

What Terry Frei’s Tweet Says about Bigotry and Bias

Firing a journalist for a racial hiccup makes it harder for newsrooms to examine ethnic bigotry among staff

Live @ Lippmann

Charlie Sykes: “Everything that’s happening that is bad is about to get worse”

Political commentator and radio host Charlie Sykes on the rise of conservative media, bursting filter bubbles, and media safe spaces

Cover Story: A New Focus

Images that Offer Fresh Takes on Minority Communities

A selection of work by photographers seeking to move beyond stereotypical depictions of communities of color


Sensor Journalism: Reporting Opportunities and Ethical Concerns

As part of a data-driven approach, sensors can broaden the range of stories journalists take on and increase the authoritativeness of their accounts