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Hyperallergic, at Age 9, Rivals the Arts Journalism of Legacy Media

The online outline was ranked highly in a survey of 300 arts journalists

Opinion: Tech

The Coming Splinternet: How the GDPR Could Threaten Journalism

The General Data Protection Regulation could have unintended—and unpleasant—consequences for news outlets

Opinion: Ethics

What Joy Ann Reid’s Blog Posts Say about Journalistic Ethics

It’s not okay for journalists to make it harder for audiences to discern fact from fiction


People Want to Know About People

Environment journalism fails when we forget about people

Live @ Lippmann

“Collaboration Is Really Our Best Protection”

Investigative journalist Laurent Richard on the importance of finishing and publishing the stories of journalists jailed or killed, the collaborative ethos that makes it possible, and the technology that makes it easier to elude attempts to silence reporters

Syrian Refugees Turn to Journalism to Report on Their World

An online course is bringing untold stories into the news cycle


“The Requesting of Good Things”

Journalism, like religion, is an act of faith


AI’s Potential to Create Audience-of-One Media

In “Unscaled,” venture capitalist Hemant Taneja contends that disruption in the media is upending economies of scale

Opinion: Trust and the Media

A Different Way to Cover the Trump Presidency

Shift the spotlight from the Beltway pundits to where much of the rest of the country lives

Live @ Lippmann

“There were huge consequences for anybody who talked to us”

New York Times reporters Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt on covering sexual harassment allegations, convincing sources to go on the record, and reverse engineering nondisclosure agreements


“She set the standard and then raised it”

Exploring the power of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s investigative journalism and pointed commentary