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Cover Story: Covering the Campaign

To Stay Relevant, Newsrooms Rethink Campaign Coverage

Public disaffection and candidates' social media strategies force journalists to innovate beyond the horse race


Obstacles and Opportunities for Journalists with Disabilities

A blind journalist on overcoming the latent prejudices that keep people with disabilities out of newsrooms

The Medium is The (Text) Message

What Facebook’s plans for Messenger say about chatbots, AI-powered news, and the role of journalists in a world where language is the new digital interface


News is a Public Good

An economics professor argues that journalism outlets should be granted “nonprofit media organization” status


How Some 370 Journalists in 80 Countries Made the Panama Papers Happen

Uri Blau, an Israeli journalist who worked on the Panama Papers, describes the technology and trust that made the project possible


Making News Websites Accessible to All

For journalists who want to represent readers’ interests, ensuring equal access to online content is essential


Make the News a Conversation

An online journalist learns how to better cover her community by meeting readers in the real world

From the Curator

Loathing on the Campaign Trail

Once again, the media discover that there’s no substitute for talking to voters

Cover Story: Covering the Campaign

The Future of Political Fact-Checking

New fact-checking projects use advanced technologies to automate and accelerate the process


What Every Journalist Should Know About Science

It's not just science reporters who need to evaluate research and learn to tell good studies from bad


Fifty Years of FOIA

As the Freedom of Information Act turns 50, journalists are innovating new ways to use the law


Bringing Native American Stories to a National Audience

Journalists must move past stereotypes to forge deeper connections with an underrepresented population