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Telling the Story of ‘Normal’ Iran

Iranian journalist Nazila Fathi reflects on leaving her country after the 2009 protests, and struggling to get beyond the ‘Death to America’ stereotypes in the media

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Amy O’Leary on Innovation and Putting Multimedia Stories to the Test

A New York Times deputy editor talks about what it will take to bring the nation's premier publication of record to the fore of the digital age

5 Questions

Shani O. Hilton on Building a Newsroom at BuzzFeed

The viral website's executive editor for news talks about hiring a diverse staff and developing new journalistic standards

Cover Story: The Future of Foreign News

Why Journalists Take the Risk to Report from Dangerous Places

When entire regions are no-go zones for journalists, what do we accept as news?

Cover Story: The Future of Foreign News

Embracing Encryption in an Age of Surveillance

Surveillance technologies make it more important for journalists abroad to protect sources

Cover Story: The Future of Foreign News

Adopting Journalistic Techniques at the United Nations

A photojournalist explains his decision to leave behind the freelance life and join the U.N.'s communications department

Cover Story: The Future of Foreign News

The Education of a Foreign Correspondent

Newsweek's Middle East editor considers the protections needed to keep a new generation of foreign correspondents safe


What’s the Difference Between Activism and Journalism?

As technology changes how news is gathered and delivered, should journalism continue to be sharply distinguished from activism and other kinds of free speech?

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David Finkel and the Art of Immersion Reporting

Washington Post reporter and editor David Finkel on gaining trust and staying close


Telling Complicated, Beautiful Stories About Chicago

Trying to cover the city as if it’s a foreign land

From the Curator

Honoring Anja Niedringhaus by Supporting Future Visual Journalists

Nieman is creating a fellowship in honor of photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus, a member of the class of 2007, who died bearing witness so that we may see