Recent Stories

Accountability Journalism: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Putting a dollar value on the benefit to society of The Washington Post’s 1999 Pulitzer Prize-winning “Deadly Force” investigation


How Bobby Kennedy in 1968 Turned Skeptical Journalists into Believers

In his new book, Larry Tye explores RFK's transformation from a staunch anti-communist to a liberal icon—and details his relationship with the press along the way

Getting the Most Out of Comments: A Guide for Journalists

Monica Guzman's new API report explores the best ways to build audience—and relevance—by listening to and engaging with readers

Reporting on Islam

With Islam threaded through beats from foreign affairs to crime to education, journalists are stepping up efforts to provide nuanced coverage of Muslims and their religion

Getting Beyond Stereotypes on Israeli TV News

Arabs with Israeli citizenship account for roughly 20 percent of Israel’s population, but comprise just 3 percent of interviewees on leading news shows. Several Israeli non-profits are trying to change that

Cover Story: Covering the Campaign

To Stay Relevant, Newsrooms Rethink Campaign Coverage

Public disaffection and candidates' social media strategies force journalists to innovate beyond the horse race


Reporting on Disability with Sensitivity, not Sensationalism

When people with disabilities are portrayed as only heroes or victims, it's harder to address the issues that affect them


Obstacles and Opportunities for Journalists with Disabilities

A blind journalist on overcoming the latent prejudices that keep people with disabilities out of newsrooms

The Medium is The (Text) Message

What Facebook’s plans for Messenger say about chatbots, AI-powered news, and the role of journalists in a world where language is the new digital interface


News is a Public Good

An economics professor argues that journalism outlets should be granted “nonprofit media organization” status


How Some 370 Journalists in 80 Countries Made the Panama Papers Happen

Uri Blau, an Israeli journalist who worked on the Panama Papers, describes the technology and trust that made the project possible


Making News Websites Accessible to All

For journalists who want to represent readers’ interests, ensuring equal access to online content is essential