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Sensor Journalism: Reporting Opportunities and Ethical Concerns

As part of a data-driven approach, sensors can broaden the range of stories journalists take on and increase the authoritativeness of their accounts


How News Flows on Social Media

In “Twitter and Tear Gas,” Zeynep Tufekci examines how invisible gatekeepers— algorithms—affect which stories and movements gain traction


“The way journalists interact with the communities we cover needs to change”

A journalist and a source explore objectivity, activism, open-mindedness and vulnerability—and the national listening deficit

Opinion: Ethics

Yes, We Need A Special Commission…

To investigate the ways the press allowed itself to be manipulated during the presidential election

From the Curator

The Sting of the Lie

For reporters, deception often is a formative experience

Live @ Lippmann

David Axelrod: “When you hear people’s stories, there is a common humanity that is healthy and important”

The chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns on polling, politics, and the power of journalistic storytelling


Facebook, Advertisers, and the View from a Daily Editor in Middle America

Finding common ground between a New York Times columnist and a futurist

Opinion: Tech

Let’s Stop Blaming Facebook and Google and Start Fixing the News Business

Yes, ad buyers have a say in whether real news survives, but the future of news is really up to journalists


A Former Fake News Creator on Covering Fake News

The creator of the Denver Guardian and other fake news sites on the financial motivations behind misinformation