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In the Balkans, Whistle-Blowing News Outlets Struggle to Survive

From shady deals for government advertising to journalists choosing self-censorship, it's not easy running a publication in the former Yugoslavia

From the Curator

Charlie Hebdo and Boko Haram: Parsing the Equivalency Debate

Is it possible to place stories on some universal scale of import and assign coverage and empathy accordingly?


It’s Only Money

Alissa Quart turns to poetry to comment on the commodification of modern life

Live @ Lippmann

Jay Lauf of Quartz: The Homepage Isn’t Dead

The Quartz publisher on his global business website's branding efforts, the potential of messaging apps, and more


At Harvard, a Reporter Finds Hard Lessons on Diversity in Education​

While advances in ethnic and racial diversity should be celebrated, newsrooms should also recognize the need for economic diversity


For Online Publications, Data Is News

Data-driven projects and news-based games should be presented as journalism, not frilly add-ons


Four Lessons from Buying and Running the Outer Banks Sentinel

“You own everything about the paper—from its reputation to the safety of its customers who buy it ”


Remembering Alice Dunnigan, a Pioneering Black Journalist

In the 1950s, she was the first reporter at presidential press conferences to question Dwight D. Eisenhower about civil rights issues

Words & Reflections

What Charlie Hebdo Means to France

French documentary filmmaker Florence Martin-Kessler on the role of political cartoons, especially those in Charlie Hebdo, in French media