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The Case for Skyline Watchdogs: Architectural Criticism and Political Acts

Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin explores where to draw the line between coverage of aesthetics and politics


Is It Ethical for Journalists to Ask Trump Pointedly Provocative Questions?

The “thumbing their nose” question asked of Trump about North Korea highlights the media’s potential role in exacerbating tensions

Opinion: Ethics

The New York Times and Why White Supremacy Isn’t News

We don’t need to question grocery-shopping neo-Nazis about racism in America. We need to question powerful white men and women who support bigotry

From the Curator

When Women Stand Up Against Harassers in the Newsroom

We don’t need more training—we know what to do

Live @ Lippmann

Frederik Obermaier: “I think one outcome of leaks like the Panama Papers or the Paradise Papers is that nobody can feel safe anymore in tax havens”

Süddeutsche Zeitung investigative journalist Frederik Obermaier on coordinating global reporting projects, parsing complex documents, and influencing how companies conduct business


How Independent Russian Newsrooms Keep Reporting

As Russia promotes disinformation abroad, it is cracking down on the independent press at home

Opinion: Mexico Journal

Photojournalists in Mexico Show Solidarity Amid the Ruins

How photojournalists in Mexico came together to support a colleague who lost his wife and his home in the September 19 earthquake


What Journalists Can Learn from the Blues

To get beyond bewilderment and despair, journalism needs to learn to embrace suffering and struggle