The Ethics of Leaks

When longtime investigative journalist David Cay Johnston received two pages of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return in the mailbox of his home in … Read more

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Opinion: Political Reporting

Political Coverage and the Pressure to Get It Right

As partisans weaponize journalistic errors and lapses, the national press corps needs to be accurate as well as aggressive

Opinion: Tech

What Traditional TV Documentarians Need to Know About VR

I thought VR and 360 video were mostly about different cameras. I quickly learned I was wrong. VR is a totally different way of thinking, producing, and storytelling

Opinion: Mexico Journal

The Invisible Costs of the War Against the Press in Mexico

Marcela Turati on the Mexican journalists who have to flee the country because of threats to their safety


“A mass shooting, only in slow motion”

Newsrooms are moving away from a focus on mass shootings to tell more nuanced stories about the people and communities marred by gun violence


Covering Controversial Issues on Campus

With an extended reach online, newly energized college journalists are facing off against university administrators


Telling Indigenous Stories

Neglecting to cover indigenous communities not only represents a missed opportunity, but a significant failure for an industry hoping to find voice and relevance in the 21st century

Opinion: Political Reporting

Why the Case for Transparency Must Be Made Anew

The Trump era provides an opportunity to remind the public why freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment

What Happens When News Outlets Stop Talking and Start Listening?

This spring, KPCC launched a community-driven storytelling series that puts unheard stories center stage

Opinion: Mexico Journal

Mexican Journalists Say “No to Silence”

Marcela Turati describes the first three days of #AgendaDePeriodistas, a campaign to defend Mexican journalists and freedom of expression


Djinns in the Newsroom

What journalists can learn from the courage and creativity of Islam’s mythological creatures

The Murder of Javier Valdez: A Test for Mexico’s Democracy

Together with colleagues around the globe, we call on the Mexican government to solve one case: the murder of reporter Javier Valdez, and thus elevate assaults on journalists to the gravity of what they really are—threats to Mexico’s national security

Opinion: Mexico Journal

“The struggle against silence in Mexico is a relay race”

Marcela Turati reflects on her return to Mexico and the violent threats against journalists in the country