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Seeking a way to get more personal without getting less objective

A foreign correspondent returns to the States and takes on a translation job of a different sort

Opinion: Mexico Journal

“The uncertainty is what kills”

Mexican journalists displaced from their homes and jobs due to threats of violence find their lives in limbo

Covering a Collapsing Nation

Local photographers are building a visual testimony to Venezuela’s breakdown


The Ethics of Leaks

The increasing use of anonymous sources and leaks has intensified the debate over how to vet information and sources

From the Curator

Violence at Home and Abroad

The animus against journalists in the U.S. demonstrates how quickly conditions can change in any part of the world

What It’s Like To Be a Breastfeeding Journalist

So what happens when mothers who are fresh off their maternity leaves and want to keep breastfeeding their babies come head-to-head with the realities of working in journalism? Results may vary.

Opinion: Political Reporting

Political Coverage and the Pressure to Get It Right

As partisans weaponize journalistic errors and lapses, the national press corps needs to be accurate as well as aggressive

Opinion: Tech

What Traditional TV Documentarians Need to Know About VR

I thought VR and 360 video were mostly about different cameras. I quickly learned I was wrong. VR is a totally different way of thinking, producing, and storytelling

Opinion: Ethics

CNN, the Trump Meme, and the Ethics of Anonymous Sources

The public would be better served if more outlets unmasked sources who use anonymity to push politically-motivated falsehoods