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Asking Soldiers What It Means to Take a Life

Former Time Magazine correspondent Phil Zabriskie, author of the Kindle Single “The Kill Switch,” on why he chose to look at what it means to kill in combat and how it affects servicemen when they return home


How Netflix Flipped the Script on Television’s Disruption

In “Television Is the New Television,” media critic Michael Wolff argues TV is disrupting the Internet much more than the other way around

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Risky, Important Conversations About Diversity in Our Newsrooms

When it comes to issues of race and reporting, soul-searching by journalists is imperative

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Why Journalists Must Stop Segregating Stories About Race

Race, culture, and poverty deserve to be covered in the same way as the weather, sports, and the stock market

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Capturing Quiet Acts of Resistance

Documenting the lives of black fathers in America, from Brooklyn to Ferguson


Is Solutions Journalism the Solution?

New media ventures are focusing on what’s going right in the world rather than what’s going wrong

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Newsrooms Need to Engage if They Want to See Real Change

The Washington Post's law-enforcement and justice reporter believes newsroom diversity is a journalistic imperative

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Enhancing Newsroom Diversity Can Also Expand Audiences

Southern California Public Radio added more journalists of color to its reporting—and doubled its Latino listenership

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Diversity Can Bring Communities Together

The editor of a daily newspaper partnered with community organizations to bring readers together

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Tribalism as a Spur to Newsroom Diversity

How mentoring, networks, fellowships and internships can help journalists of color

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

Having a Diverse Newsroom Makes Coverage Mainstream

BuzzFeed's editor of Latino coverage on the advantages of having a variety of backgrounds in the newsroom

Cover Story: Race and Reporting

If Truth and Credibility Matter, So Must Newsroom Diversity

The Philadelphia Inquirer's managing editor argues that newspapers best engage audiences when staff look like the community