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“Unite and Resist Every and All Attempts to Silence Us”

Filipino journalists fight back against President Rodrigo Duterte’s attempts to shut down Rappler and other news outlets

Live @ Lippmann

“Duterte has said that a free press is a privilege, not a right. That’s something very worrying. A free press is a right guaranteed by our own constitution.”

Filipino journalist John Nery on Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s propagandistic use of social media and his attacks on Rappler and other news outlets

Opinion: Mexico Journal

The Risks to Mexican Journalists Start Before You Even Step Out of Your Car

In Mexico, a decision to take one road or another could become a matter life and death


The Science of Journalism

Like scientists, reporters make connections, synthesize facts, and provide original insight

Opinion: Ethics

Facts Are Facts, No Matter if Readers Like Them

Having politicians critique fact-checkers is the wrong way to enhance credibility

Cover Story: Covering Addiction

“As a recovering addict, I know those pictures live forever”

A photographer who once was addicted to heroin on how to fairly and ethically depict addiction

4 Steps to Bring Ethical Clarity to Native Advertising

As news outlets ramp up their use of native advertising, the industry must set ground rules and establish a common code of ethics

Five Tools to Rebuild Trust in Media

Helping readers slow down, ask questions, and find reasoned opposing views may foster civil discourse online

Opinion: Ethics

Evaluating the ‘Trump Effect’ in Economics Coverage

Like all reporting, reporting on the impact of the Trump administration’s economic policies needs to be evidence-based