1. Re-examining Lippmann’s Legacy

    By Features September 20, 2018

    Walter Lippmann’s long and extraordinary career embodied what magazine magnate Henry Luce described as the “American Century.” Lippmann chronicled it, tried to understand it, and ultimately shaped American politics, diplomacy, and journalism. Read more

  2. The Ethics of Leaks

    By Features July 6, 2017

    When longtime investigative journalist David Cay Johnston received two pages of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return in the mailbox of his home in Rochester, New York in March, there were plenty of ways to trace who leaked it … Read more

  3. 1939: Dinners

    By Features September 20, 2013

    In an interview published in the 1986 book, “Archibald MacLeish: Reflections,” the Foundation’s first curator described the origins of the regular Nieman dinners, which eventually evolved into seminars and, ultimately, into Soundings “Professors were falling over themselves to … Read more

  4. Looking Back, Seeing Today

    By Opinion March 19, 2012

    Between September 2001 and November 2006, I was editor of two Knight Ridder papers, first the Lexington Herald-Leader and then The Philadelphia Inquirer. It was a period of intense turmoil. Today Knight Ridder no longer exists. My job as … Read more

  5. 1979: Yes Virginia, There Is an Agnes

    By Features December 15, 1999

    [This article originally appeared in the Summer 1979 issue of Nieman Reports.] …Louis M. Lyons, as Nieman Curator, continually struggled against the ban on women from the program. His correspondence with the University administration in the early 1940’s shows that … Read more