Nieman Reports

Winter 1996

Reviving Environmental Coverage

Cover for Winter 1996

“Needed: A Recommitment” by Chris Bowman
“Suburban Sprawl” by Keith Schneider
“Activist’s View: Media Lag” by Arlie Schardt
“Needed: Long-Haul Commitment” by Melanie Sill
“The Challenge to TV” by David Ropeik
“Competing Sources, Uncertain Facts” by Bruce V. Lewenstein
“Why Important Stories Are Underreported” by John D. Graham & Pamela R. Dziuban
“Hispanic Media Neglect” by Angela Swafford
“Slow Move to Internet World” by Russell Clemings
“Confabs at High Noon” by Howard Berkes
“Needed: More Sophisticated Legal Coverage” by Tom Turner
“Advocacy, the Uncomfortable Issue” by Phllip J. Tichenor & Mark Neuzil
“Overseas Activists Create Own Media” by Jim Detjen
“Poland: Struggling” by Barbara Cieszewska
“Russia at the Crossroads” by Oleg Stakhanov & Chris Bowman
“Did Media Kiss Off the Election” by Mark Jurkowitz
“Inquirer Learns a Lesson for Us All” by Gene Foreman
“Newspapers’ Fate Tied to Revival of Cities” by Leo Bogart
“Chile’s Cautious Free Press” by Veronica Lopez
“Foreign Correspondent in Rangoon” by Bertil Linter
“Art’s Obsession With Violence” by Daniel Rubey
“Violence in Popular Music” by J.D. Considine

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