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Why Newsrooms are Unionizing Now

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When Gawker employees voted to unionize back in 2015, it was the first major news site to take that step. The now-defunct outlet’s move sparked a movement, with a wave of unionization taking place at both legacy and digital newsrooms across the country. This surge comes as a bright spot in a labor movement that has been declining for decades—and as the media industry is in crisis. Labor’s supporters say the industry’s volatility began long before the surge of organizing, and that unionization actually improves publications. Journalists are saying “yes” to unions to lift salary floors, win or improve basic benefits, and provide some cushion during a time of uncertainty.

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Why Newsrooms Are Unionizing Now

By Features March 21, 2019

In January 2015, The Washington Post’s labor reporter at the time, Lydia DePillis, wrote a story called “Why Internet journalists don’t organize.” DePillis observed that many writers were individualistic and had “built personal brands” and therefore … Read more

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More Power to Low-Power FM

By April 4, 2019

While podcasts and smart speakers generate buzz, radio—AM/FM, over-the-air, old-fashioned radio—reaches more Americans than any other medium. And technological and regulatory change is still pushing the medium in new directions, one of which is low-power FM. Low-power … Read more


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