Spring 2016

Covering the Campaign

Cover for Spring 2016

In a year in which there’s been a sprawling presidential race, a fractured media landscape, and unprecedented opportunities for candidates to appeal directly to voters, campaigning and campaign coverage are being transformed. The press faces a genuine risk of being displaced from its role as a crucial source of insight and information for the electorate. Avoiding this fate will entail a return to some of the basics of coverage, while simultaneously adapting new digital strategies and technologies to remain relevant and accessible.

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Cover Story: Covering the Campaign



What Every Journalist Should Know About Science

By Features March 7, 2016

A condition called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is—or is not—a precursor of breast cancer. It does—or does not—require treatment. Doctors differ on these questions because definitive scientific evidence doesn’t exist. Some women with DCIS, a collection of abnormal … Read more


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