Fall 2015

Storytelling and Social Media

Cover for Fall 2015

Journalists have long viewed Facebook and Twitter as tools for reporting and promoting their work. Recently though, photographers and writers have been embracing the photo sharing network Instagram as a platform for narrative storytelling. Documentary photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind first shared behind-the-lens moments from her work in Ukraine, then used physical postcards to engage a community of users around the country’s long-running conflict. Even a longform writer like National Geographic contributor Neil Shea has found a niche, creating short narratives that bring scenes from his reporting to smartphones around the world.

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Cover Story: Storytelling and Social Media



Killing Journalists with Impunity

By Watchdog October 20, 2015

When the committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) launched its 2015 Global Impunity Index—a survey of countries with the worst records for solving the murders of journalists—it was no surprise that Mexico, a country with a long track … Read more

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