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Wendi C. Thomas

Wendi C. Thomas is a 2016 Harvard Nieman fellow and a senior writing fellow with the Center for Community Change. In April 2017, she launches MLK50, a yearlong reporting and civic engagement project on economic justice.

When Is A Remark Racist?

By Opinion January 16, 2017

Asked about his hopes for 2017 by a weekly newspaper, Buffalo, N.Y. school board member Carl Paladino said last month he hoped First Lady Michelle Obama would “return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe … Read more

Looking for “Whitelash”

By Diversity November 11, 2016

The signs that someone like Donald Trump was coming were right there, in online comments lousy with creatively spelled racial slurs that slipped past even the best filters. They were in the vicious tweets and voicemail nastygrams aimed at journalists … Read more