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Melissa Ludtke was editor of Nieman Reports from 1998 to 2011.

Winter 2007: Introduction

By Local News December 15, 2007

“Unique local content” is by now a familiar phrase as print competes with digital media for readers’ attention. With constantly updated international and national news reporting and commentary just a click away, hometown readers need different reasons to go to their local newspaper, in print or online. In this issue of Nieman Reports, we will explore what local news reporting can look like and what a hometown focus can mean for journalists, newspapers, Web sites, and those who consume this news and information. – Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more

Fall 2007: Introduction

By Features September 15, 2007

It’s been two years since Hurricane Katrina’s destructive force riveted the eyes of the world on the suffering of those left in its wake. In that time, newspapers in New Orleans and Mississippi have made adjustments while national news organizations wrestle with finding fresh ways to engage distant audiences. In this collection, written by journalists who have spent significant time trying to tell this story, Nieman Reports explores particular demands and difficulties posed by coverage of an ongoing news event with no end in sight. – Melissa Ludtke, Editor Read more

Summer 2007: Introduction

By June 15, 2007

“The blast had not been an attack at all,” writes Griff Witte, the Islamabad/Kabul bureau chief for The Washington Post, about a deadly blast in a gunpowder shop in the center of Kabul, which many assumed to be an intentional … Read more

Spring 2007: Avian Flu Introduction

By Journalist’s Trade March 15, 2007

"The Next Big Health Crisis—And How to Cover It" brought journalists together with scientists, public health officials, medical experts, academic researchers, law enforcement officers, public policy experts, and Homeland Security officials to talk about how best to prepare for the possible arrival of pandemic flu. Read more

Spring 2007: Introduction

By International Journalism March 15, 2007

Caught in a fierce Taliban ambush while traveling last summer with coalition troops in southern Afghanistan, (London) Sunday Times foreign correspondent Christina Lamb writes about her escape from death, her second one while on assignment in that country. “Once … Read more

Winter 2006: Introduction

By December 15, 2006

Journalism is on a fast-paced, transformative journey, its destination still unknown. That the Web and other media technologies are affecting mightily the practice of journalism is beyond dispute. Less clear is any shared vision of what the future holds. Read more

Fall 2006: Words & Reflections Introduction

By Opinion September 15, 2006

Contending that Daniel Okrent’s book “Public Editor #1” might be “the only collection of ombudsman columns ever assembled that is a genuine page turner,” former Boston Globe ombudsman, Mark Jurkowitz, now with the Project for Excellence in Journalism, introduces … Read more