Sunday Dare wrote a book, “Guerilla Journalism: Dispatches from the Underground,” about his experiences working as an independent journalist in Nigeria when that country was ruled by a military dictatorship.

A Journalist Joins the Nigerian Government—If Only for A While
– Sunday Dare
In an excerpt that was published as part of “Journalists: On the Subject of Courage,” the Summer 2006 issue of Nieman Reports, Dare chronicled a harrowing experience during his tenure at The News, an independent magazine in Nigeria. He set the stage: “This Gestapo-like raid on The News and Tempo magazines occurred sometime in April 1998 when a military dictatorship under the regime of General Sani Abacha was in its most brutal stage. The journalists at The News, Tempo and Tell publications were singled out for attacks, harassment, arrest, unlawful detention, and elimination. This was the height of the Abacha paranoia and journalists were game.”

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