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Doubting Amina

By Technology July 6, 2012

The biggest hoax of 2011 fooled activists and journalists alike. One writer and free speech advocate explains why so many wanted to believe in the ‘Gay Girl in Damascus.’ Read more

The Great Young Hope

By Technology March 19, 2012

I wish I could say that revolutionizing newsrooms like the one I left at the Los Angeles Times in January 2008 is all that’s needed to change the fortunes of American journalism. But I can’t. RELATED ARTICLE … Read more

Summer 2011: Introduction

By Technology June 10, 2011

In digital space, journalists are proving to be a powerful force in creating, nurturing and engaging communities. No longer serving only geographic zones, they confront the fragmentation of audience and the need to attract and retain “eyeballs.” Their efforts to embrace and interact with communities are fueled by an instinct to survive. Habits and hobbies, interests and values, political leanings, and sports allegiances are the grist of community formation. Discover the various roles journalists are assuming and how the links we share bind us. —Melissa Ludtke Read more