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Winter 1998: Children and Violence Introduction

By Features December 15, 1998

In this edition, we examine ways in which we report on children and violence. We travel to the sites of the five recent and highly publicized school shootings, then journey into the private realm of family violence, as seen through the eyes of children who witness it. From there, we move into courtrooms and juvenile detention centers, and also get a glimpse of adolescent girls’ increasing involvement with crime. Then, we take a look at how customary methods of coverage shape public perception and policymaking in the arena of child and juvenile crime. Finally, editors at Chicago’s two newspapers take us inside their decision-making when it comes to coverage of children and violence. Read more

Response: Check on Creative Accounting

By Features March 15, 1998

Americans are the most generous people in the world, donating more to charity each year than the gross national products of many countries—some $120 billion, all told. As George Rodrigue argues convincingly, the media has done less than it could … Read more

A Dozen Tips for Stories About Nonprofits

By Features March 15, 1998

A dozen story suggestions from editors, reporters and nonprofit leaders: Nonproflts that deliver. Gather information on all major nonprofits serving your area, and compare the amount of resources they devote to solving problems, paying salaries, covering administrative costs and raising … Read more

Spring 1998: Nonprofits Introduction

Features March 15, 1998

Francis Warm shows copy of records the Nazis kept of their pillaging of art from his great-uncle’s estate in France. Many of the paintings are now in museums. Boston Globe Photo/Alastair Miller. Read more

Response: Avoid Close Relations

By Features March 15, 1998

The local head of a nationally recognized charity earns nearly $200,000 a year, travels the globe at the nonprofit’s expense and receives a new car of the model of his choice every other year from his board of directors. A … Read more