1. 1983: … The Crucial 1940’s

    By International News December 15, 1999

    [This article originally appeared in the Spring 1983 issue of Nieman Reports.] Scottsdale, Arizona — Two dozen of those whose reporting from China in the 1940’s helped shape American attitudes and policies in the years culminating in the Communist victory … Read more

  2. 1979: Yes Virginia, There Is an Agnes

    By Journalism December 15, 1999

    [This article originally appeared in the Summer 1979 issue of Nieman Reports.] …Louis M. Lyons, as Nieman Curator, continually struggled against the ban on women from the program. His correspondence with the University administration in the early 1940’s shows that … Read more

  3. In Britain, Rottweilers Attack

    By Watchdog Journalism September 15, 1998

    The timing could not have been better. Several days after I was asked, as a Nieman Fellow, to write an article on the apparent lack of civility by British journalists, the Local Government Minister, Hilary Armstrong, reacted furiously while being … Read more