1. Five Tools to Rebuild Trust in Media

    By January 3, 2018

    Social media platforms used to be a place to discover interesting people far away, to get hints of breaking news, to connect with your audience, and even a tool for democracy. They could still be all of those things. But … Read more

  2. For Online Publications, Data Is News

    By Books March 24, 2015

    The Texas Tribune launched in late 2009 with a newsroom of veteran journalists and rising stars. And while that respected crew of reporters, editors, and columnists would go on to unearth their share of political scoops, it wasn’t traditional reporting … Read more

  3. Is Anything Really Wrong?

    By Watchdog March 15, 1998

    Some years ago The New York Times editorial page expressed the complacent notion that "great publications magnify the voice of any single writer." The statement is misleading. The instruments of the media multiply or amplify a voice, serving much the … Read more