Winter 2016

Beyond the “Coming Out” Story

Cover for Winter 2016

Transgender people—models, actors, musicians, authors, athletes, soldiers—have increasingly entered the public consciousness. With this increased visibility has come increased media coverage. But despite this progress, the general population still knows relatively little about the transgender community. Our cover story explores how journalists can cover a community, which has been for so long maligned and voiceless, in ways that are considerate of that community’s needs as well as those of readers, some of whom need basic concepts explained.

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Cover Story: Beyond the "Coming Out" Story

Covering the Transgender Community

By January 12, 2016

In March of 2014, Jorge Rivas, Fusion’s national affairs correspondent, was working on a story about undocumented immigrants when he heard about a transgender woman being held in a men’s detention center. “She was stuck in a detention center … Read more

Nieman Watchdog

Fifty Years of FOIA

By Watchdog January 12, 2016

Dave Philipps was well acquainted with the plight of troubled veterans when he heard about a soldier in the El Paso County jail two years ago. As a reporter at The (Colorado Springs) Gazette, Philipps had written extensively about … Read more

Nieman Storyboard


Revitalizing Journalism in Brazil

By Features January 8, 2016

It is almost impossible to overestimate the importance of the Amazon basin to Brazil. At approximately five million square kilometers, the region represents 59 percent of the country’s territory, an area just over 10 times larger than California. The … Read more

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