Nieman Reports

Winter 1997

Highways, Byways and Bylines: Roads as News Stories

Cover for Winter 1997

“Digging Out News at Boston’s Big Dig” by Thomas Palmer Jr
“Perpetual Paving = More Congestion” by Keith Schneider
“Road Rage in the West” by Howard Berkes
“Paved With Gold” by David Luberoff
“Let the Construction Begin” by Judy Fahys
“Private Toll Roads” by Joseph M. Giglio
“New Phoenician Roads” by Barbara Goldstein
“$175 Billion Mystery” by John M. Biers
“Big Trucks and the Railroads” by David Barnes
“The Case for Bus Rapid Transit” by John F. Kain
“Beyond Road Maps” by Robert Dellaert
“Smart Roads, a Solution to Traffic Jams” by Peter J. Howe
“Transportation Web Sites” by Molly Marsh
“Getting It Wrong on Whitewater” by Gilbert Cranberg
“The Ken Galbraith (and Bill Buckley) Show” by Lorie Conway
“Strangers on Their Own News Beats” by Michael O’Neill
“Bashing American Schools” by Evans Clinchy
“One David, Two Goliaths” by Bryan Rich
“Taking It to the Streets” by Jim Meek

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Cover Image
Aerial photograph on cover is of Boston's Big Dig, courtesy of Central Artery/Tunnel Project.

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