Nieman Reports

Winter 1995

The 1996 Presidential Elections

Cover for Winter 1995

“If Campaign’s a Horserace, Why Not Report It That Way?” by Walter Mears
“What About the Issues?” by John Herbers
“And How About Character?” by Missy Daniel and Shaun Casey
“It’s The Stupid Economic Questions” by Paul Solman
“Using Foreign Policy Issues” by Eugene Robinson
“Iowa, Where Cliché Coverage Rules” by John Carlson
“New Hampshire, Where Misconceptions Prevail” by Mike Pride
“Getting out of the Rut” by Geneva Overholser
“Politics, Journalism and the Net” by John Fox Sullivan
“The Right Job for Colin Powell” by Paul Delaney
The Asian Media
“China’s More Aggressive Press” by Marcus Brauchli
“Hong Kong’s Diverse Media Watchful, Fearful” by Philip Bowring
“Singapore, a Model of Intimidation” by Stephen Wrage
“Indochina Learning Western Ways” by Sara Colm
“Thailand: Media’s Growing Influence” by Thepchai Yong
“Vietnam Press Still Hampered by Ideology” by Robert Templer
“Japan’s Press Clubs Reluctantly Changing” by Kazue Suzuki
“The Rashomon Effect at Kobe” by T.R. Reid
“In Indonesia, Freedom Hope Is Dim” by Adam Schwarz
“Living Dangerously in Jakarta” by Goenawan Mohamad
“Burma Repression Continues” by Bertil Lintner
Foreign Correspondence
“Pearl Harbor in Nazi Berlin” by Angus MacLean Thuermer
“Why Foreign Correspondents Leave” by Stephen Hess
“Lewis on Soros” by David C. Lewis

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