Nieman Reports

Winter 1993

Covering Health Issues

Cover for Winter 1993

“We’ve Come a Long Way Since Blue Cross” by Victor Cohn
“Confessions of a First-Year Medical Writer” by Sheryl Stolberg
“Tsunami, Wavelets and Medical News” by Bob Meyers
“‘Perky Cheerleaders'” by John Crewdson
“The Press’s Portrayal of Mental Illness” by Susan G. Lazar, Glen O. Gabbard and Elizabeth K. Hersh
“View From the Nurses’ Station” by Bernice Buresh
“Violence-Biggest Medical Problem” by Margaret DiCanio
“The ‘War’ on Drugs” by Lloyd D. Johnston
“Washington Hodgepodge” by Dana Priest
“State House Views” by Mike Meyers, Tom Detzel, Jim Simon, and Betsy Liley
“Checking on the Players ” by Charles Lewis
“Case for Reporting Medical Alternatives” by Sid Kemp
“Chill Wind From the Kremlin” by Nicholas Daniloff
“Beyond Objectivity” by Jay Rosen
“Public Journalism-An Early Attempt” by Billy Winn
“A Year Later, Campaign Continues” by Robert D. Deutsch and Selden Biggs
“The Roar of the Crowd by Michael J. O’Neill”
“President Kennedy by Richard Reeves”
“Quality Time? by 20th Century Fund”
“Listening to Prozac by Peter D. Kramer”
“Leaving Birmingham by Paul Hemphill”
“Fly Fishing Through the Mid-life Crisis by Howell Raines”
“Muddy Boots and Red Socks by Malcolm W. Browne”
“No thin’ but Good Times Ahead by Molly Ivins”
“An Autobiography by Richard Avedon”
“A Justice for All by Kim Isaac Eisler”

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