Nieman Reports

Winter 1991

Move Over, Washington Here Comes Metro News

Cover for Winter 1991

“Why They Don’t Love Us Anymore” by David Nyhan
“Short-Term Profits, Long-Haul Harm” by Eugene Roberts
“TV Gains in Switching Back to Local” by Emily Rooney
“Time to Give Metro More Resources” by William Hilliard
“Historical Swing Back to State Houses” by Neal Peirce
“Big Budget Story Centers on State Capitals” by Dall Forsythe
“Newhouse Regrouping in Washington” by Deborah Howell
“Fresno’s Metro Reporter in Washington” by Beverly Kees
The Clarence Thomas Hearings
“Taking Stock of Media Performance” by Bill Kovach
“Questions That Were Not Asked” by Jan Collins Stucker
“When a Journalist Becomes a Source” by Seth Effron
“10 Pages of Pictures Related to Bill of Rights” by Nieman Photographers
Questions of Ethics
“Is There a Pro-Abortion Bias?” by Eileen McNamara
“Mass Media’s Violence Harms Youth” by Paul Carton
East Europe Press During Crises
“Moscow During the Abortive Coup” by Vladimir Vessenski
“Leningrad Publication’s Resistance” by Elena Zelinskaya
“Bucharest Media and Miner’s Rampage” by Chris Riback

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