Nieman Reports

Winter 1981

A Conversation with Oriana Fallaci

Cover for Winter 1981

“Prophets in Blue Jeans” by Tenney B. K. Lehman
“A Conversation with Oriana Fallaci”
“What Videotex Can Learn From Newspapers” by Philip Meyer
“The Press on El Salvador” by Mary Ellen Leary
“Central American Portfolio” by David Woo
“Ireland’s Troubled Press” by Paul Ashdown
“Travels Behind The Iron Curtain” by William Gordon

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Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Assistant Editor
Daphne B. Noyes
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Jan Morgan
James C. Thomson Jr.
A resident of La Bermuda refugee camp, El Salvador. David Woo, The Dallas Morning News.

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