Nieman Reports

Winter 1978

Siege: A Striker's Diary

Cover for Winter 1978

“Guest Editorial: Coming Home” by Obed Kunene
“Siege: A Striker’s Diary” by Edward C. Norton
“Good News, Bad News” by Edwin Diamond
“An Unlikely Journalist” by David DeJean
“Uphill All The Way” by Alden Whitman
“Beleaguered Bill Minor” by James S. Featherston
“Teaching Journalism” by Melvin Mencher
“The Press Reign in Spain is Mainly — Salacious” by James Jackson
“It’s Not A Myth — They’re Immortal” by Emily Vermeule
“Regional Fellowship Programs for Journalists” by Arthur Musgrave
“A Decade of APC Rule” by Royston J.A. Wright
“How Do I Love Thee … so. E.J. Thribb” by Bernard Nossiter

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Tenney K. Lehman
Editorial Assistants
Carin Pratt and Kettee J. Boling
Janice Morgan
Circulation Manager
Noreen Ferrante

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