Nieman Reports

Winter 1962

Managing the News

Cover for Winter 1962

“Press and President” by Louis M. Lyons
“Managing the News” by Clark R. Mollenhoff
“President Vs. Press”
“In The Public Interest” by Saul Friedman
“Cellist and Piano Pusher” by Paul Vanorden Shaw
“The Thalidomide Story” by Arthur E. Rowse
“Take A Forthright Stand” by Thomas M. Storke
“Television Takes A Look at the Press” by John M. Harrison
“The Bigger The Better: Defense of the Expanding Sunday Paper” by William I. Nichols
“Two New Sunday Papers: A British and an American Experiment” by William A. Hachten
“On Writing The Great Price Conspiracy” by John Herling
“Hagerty, Nixon and Hiss”
“Hagerty: Quotes”
“Broadcast Conscience” by LeRoy Collins
“Collins in Center of Rising Controversy” by Jack Gould
“How G.O.P. ‘Upsurge’ Flivvered in Arkansas ” by Tom Dearmore

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Louis M. Lyons

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