Nieman Reports

Winter 1960

The Booming Regional Papers

Cover for Winter 1960

“True Role of Today’s Newspapers” by Malcolm Bauer
“Reporting from Hong Kong: Snaring the Dragon from Afar” by Stanley Karnow
“The Booming Regional Papers” by John Strohmeyer
“Nomenclature and Race Relations” by Adelaide Cromwell Hill
“Yankee on Broadway: In An Extraordinary Interview Brooks Atkinson Tells His Own Story” by Dom Bonafede
“Fateful Crisis of the Newspaper: ‘A Contracting but Indispensable Institution'” by Mark Ethridge
“For An Atlantic Convention” by Barry Brown
“The Press and the Professors” by Robert Estabrook
“The Journalism School” by Nathan B. Blumberg
“The Peeping Camera: Invasion of Privacy by Photography” by Ignaz Rothenberg
“Back to Harvard” by Desmond Stone

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