Nieman Reports

Winter 1949

Should Newspapers Crusade?

Cover for Winter 1949

“Not Only Evil But—” by Ernest H. Linford
“Turnover Among Newsmen: A Small Sample” by William M. Pinkerton
“‘Should Newspapers Campaign?’ Answer: Yes” by George Chaplin
“A Seminar On Russia” by Houstoun Waring
“The Guild and Education” by Norval Neil Luxon
“Blessed Are The Meek: A Country Editor Gives His Code” by Donald A. Norberg
“The Story Behind The Story: How the Times Got Its Scoop on the Bones of St. Peter”
“The Character of the Newspaper Job” by Louis M. Lyons
“A Dutchman Looks at the U.S. Press” by Jan Roelof Klinkert

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Louis M. Lyons

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