Nieman Reports

Summer 1997

Reengineering Society With Economic Shock Therapy

Cover for Summer 1997

“Unleashing Competitive Forces” by Pankaj Ghemawat
“Who Will Report the ‘Real Deal?'” by Karen De Witt
“Privatization-Get Out the Worry Beads” by George Rodrigue
“Privatization-the Next American Revolution” by Frank C. Wykoff
“Media Fantasy-Stock Market Reporting” by Robert Lenzner
“Has the Press Lost Its Nerve?” by James C. Goodale
“The Foreign Report-Even More Vital” by Alvin Shuster
“So What Is Capitalism?” by Ronald E. Berenbeim
“Window on the World” by Barbara Burg
“When Couples Work on the Same Paper” by Philip Taubman and Felicity Barringer
“The National Public Radio Idea” by Bill Buzenberg
“Distinctly Not PR” by Stephen R. Conn
“How Tony Blair Outfoxed the British Press” by David Nyhan
“Albania-Where Democracy Building Went Bust” by Sylvia Poggioli
“What Happens When the Cameras Leave” by Ann K. Cooper

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