Nieman Reports

Summer 1992

Presidential Campaign

Cover for Summer 1992

“In Perot, The Media’s Opportunity” by Bill Kovach
“So Far, No Good” by John Herbers
“Remembering Reagan’s Factoids” by Morton Mintz
“The Curious Case of U.S. POWs” by Gilbert Cranberg and Celeste Evans
“We Weren’t Listening” by Harold Jackson
“The Case for Slowing Down TV” by Charles Kravetz
“Newspapers Should Be Heard, Too” by James Debth
“Strong Editing Returns” by James E. Shelledy
“Sharing the Good News” by Lynn Kinney
“Dallas’s Satellite Bureau” by Jim Landers and George Rodrigue
“Harold Hayes and the New Journalism” by Dan Wakefield
“Journalism’s Guilty Secret” by Michael J. Kirkhorn
“The Eyes and Ears of the World” by Joel and Maryam Montague
“World Without Boundaries” by Peter Arnett
“The Kept Mexican Press” by Raymundo Riva Palacio
“The Press and Academia” by Eugene Patterson
“Paul A. Freund” by Joseph E. Mohbat

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