Nieman Reports

Summer 1978

Finding Truth in the Classics

Cover for Summer 1978

“Press Freedom: An Update from Down Under” by James C. Thomson Jr.
“Finding Truth in the Classics” by John H. Finley
“Covering the Real Politics” by J. Anthony Lukas
“In-Depth Reporting: A Valuable Perspective” by Jerome Aumente
“Whose First Amendment?” by Daniel Schorr
“Conversation with Walter Lippmann” by Eric Sevareid
“Focus on the International Press”
“Is Western-Style Journalism Appropriate to the Third World?” by Rosemary Righter
“Letter from Cairo” by Bernard Rubin
“The Restrictive Side of Vietnam” by Richard Dudman
“Constitutional Press Provisions: A World Profile” by Emmanuel E. Paraschos
“IPI Resolution on Latin America”
“The Percy Qoboza Case: Continued”

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James C. Thomson Jr.
Executive Editor
Tenney K. Lehman
Assistant Editor
Jane P. Hageman
Janice Morgan
Circulation Manager
Noreen Ferrante

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