Nieman Reports

Summer 1961

Strike News

Cover for Summer 1961

“Test of Educators” by John M. Harrison
“Strike New – Why the Panic Button?” by Joseph A. Loftus
“The Disappearing Cuban Daily” by Marvin Alisky
“Making Journalism Interesting” by Will Lindley
“The Growing Responsibility of the :Small Town Press” by Tom Dearmore
“Harrowing Tale of the Blizzard: Adventures of Man Lying in Bed on Sunday Morning, February 5, Reading About Storm in Boston Globe” by Max Hall
“Searching Behind Mirrors” by Lowell Brandle
“The Press and the Public: Bigger and Worse”
“Are We Losing The Bill of Rights?”
“Some Questions for the Future of Newspapers” by John L. Hulteng
“The Newspaper Has a Future If…” by Lester Markel
“Human Interest vs. Special Interest” by Alex Edelstein
“Re-enactment of Reality” by Ken Macrorie
“William McDowell Stuckey 1916-1961”
“Robert Lee McCrary 1923-1961”
“Responsibility of the Press” by Gale Waldrop
“Florida’s Educational TV” by James Etheridge, Jr.
“Till Durdin: Old China Hand Comes Home to Ivory Tower” by Foster Hailey
“Our Bulkier Newspapers”

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