Nieman Reports

Summer 1958

The Little Rock Story

Cover for Summer 1958

“The Newspaper Job” by Simmons Fentress
“The Story Behind Little Rock” Was Its Meaning Lost in Reporting Its Drama?” by Harry S. Ashmore
“Desegregation and the Press” by Robert F. Campbell
“A Hard Look at Sports Writing” by John Hulteng
“Culture and Coffee Breaks: U.S. Is Reviewed in Japan” by Kazuo Kuroda
“The Peter Rabbit Library?” by A. B. Guthrie, Jr.
“Guthrie Blasts Charges” by Legion’s Committee
“The Plus and Minus of Newspapering: A Penn State Survey” by Robert M. Pockrass
“Reporting on Radiation Fallout” by Arthur J. Snider
“The Creative Process” by Gerard Piel
“Research In Russia” by Howard Simons
“Why Proportional Representation Is Declining” by Myron M. Johnson

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