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Summer 1955

See It Then: Tomorrow's TV Journalism

Cover for Summer 1955

“See It Then: Notes on Television Journalism” by Robert Drew
“Rewrite Man: An Office Memo on Robert B. Peck of the New York Herald Tribune” by Joseph G. Herzberg
“The Haps As They Happen” by Lawrence E. Laybourne
“My 30 Years War” by W. M. Tugman
“The Tugman-Baker Team of Eugene, Oregon” by Charles T. Duncan
“Get Writing” by Louis M. Lyons
“IPI – Initials That Stand For An Institution Serving the Interests of a Free Press” by Henry Tanner
“Can the Press Help Build a Free World?” by Mark F. Ethridge
“Mr. President – Reporter Writes Ike: What Are You Going to Do About Ladejinsky Case?” by Clark R. Mollenhoff
“Low Man on the Totem Pole” by Armistead Scott Pride
“Elmer Davis Sees Darkly” by William Woestendiek

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Louis M. Lyons

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