Nieman Reports

Summer 1948

A Publisher Speaks His Mind

Cover for Summer 1948

“An Unpurchasable Soul” by Josephus Daniels
“The MacArthur Censorship” by Robert P. (Pepper) Martin
“A Publisher Speaks His Mind” by W. R. Ronald
“Does the Press Do Right By the Politician?” by Robert A. Taft
“On Understanding The Press” by James S. Pope
“The Southern Revolt” by Hodding Carter
“The South and the South’s Problem” by Harry S. Ashmore
“The Farmer and the Daily Press” by E. W. Kiechkhefer
“Strychnin, Sex and Censorship”
“Capture” by William H. McDougall
“The Press Under Pressure” by Zechariah Chafee, Jr.
“Challenge to the Copy Desk” by William German
“Is Journalism A Profession? — ‘For All His Dreams A Hired Man'” by Sam B. Eubanks
“Journalism Is A Profession” by Frank Luther Mott
“I’d Rather Be Punk Than Pink” by Ernest H. Linford
“The Smear and Its Retraction”
“The News in Ethiopia Etc.” by Don Burke

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