Spring 2022

Fighting for a Free Press in Ukraine — and Beyond

Cover for Spring 2022

In recent years, journalism in Ukraine and other post-Soviet states has been in flux, with editorial independence reliant on foreign entities, funding in constant deficit, and press freedoms wavering. Now, as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to drag on, the work of journalists in the country has become more urgent — and dangerous — than ever. As civilian deaths mount, journalists, too, have lost their lives reporting on the war’s horrors. Nieman Reports takes a look at how Ukrainian journalists are reporting on the war in their home, the costs of reporting accurately on the invasion, and the growing threats to press freedom under Putin.

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Cover: Fighting for a Free Press in Ukraine — and Beyond



Ann Marie Lipinski
James Geary
Senior Editor
Laura Colarusso
Assistant Editor
Natalie De Rosa
Dan Zedek
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Ukraine Defense Ministry/Eyepress News via AFP

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