Spring 2015

Race and Reporting

Cover for Spring 2015

The news industry has been talking about diversity for decades, but that talk has not always been followed by action. Though the percentage of minorities in the U.S. population continues to climb, few newsrooms have a racial makeup that reflects the communities they cover. In this Nieman Reports cover package, reporters and editors discuss strategies for creating more inclusive newsrooms and how racially diverse staffs can improve coverage.

Cover Photo by Gary Knight
Photo above: Michael Dwyer/Associated Press

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Race and Reporting

Why Newsroom Diversity Works

By Diversity June 10, 2015

The news industry has been talking about diversity for decades, but the talk, many say, often has not been followed by action. “The needles never really seem to move,” says Nikole Hannah-Jones, a reporter covering racial injustice for The … Read more

Capturing Quiet Acts of Resistance

By Diversity June 11, 2015

My objective as a visual storyteller is to connect with individuals and families on an intimate level, especially if this leads to long-term trusted relationships. When collaborators find a level of vulnerability that allows them to reveal unseen aspects … Read more

Building a Better Newsroom


Is Solutions Journalism the Solution?

By Diversity in Journalism June 11, 2015

Journalists make careers out of covering the symptoms and causes of bad urban public schools, writing tragedies about students falling through the cracks, scoring scoops from school board investigations, and chasing scandals alongside concerned parents, angry teachers unions, and … Read more



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