Nieman Reports

Spring 1997

Welfare - Media Opportunity

Cover for Spring 1997

“Testing the Editors” by John Herbers
“The Real Issue: Rich-Poor Gap” by Dale Maharidge
“The Real Issue: Not Enough Reform” by Michael D. Tanner
“The Real Issue: Impact on lives” by Edward J. Orzechowski
“In Wisconsin, a New W-2 Form” by Steven Walters
“In Illinois, Twin Traps” by Louise Kiernan
“TV Sees Welfare Only as a Debate” by Kathryn Kross
“What to Watch For” by David Ellwood
“Possible Court Stories” by Mark Greenberg
“A Family I Know in Georgia” by Vaughn Sills
“No Scarcity of Resources on Web” by Barbara Burg
“A Tool for Measuring Income” by J.J. Thompson
“Why Do Stereotypes and Lies Persist?” by Derrick Jackson
“Will Tough Love Work?” by Brent Coffin
“Press, Experts and Welfare” by Jerome G. Miller
“In Germany, No Battle in Media” by Martin Gehlen
“In Japan, Health Care Is the Issue” by Melvin Goo
“Dershowitz on Reporters and Lawyers”
“Larry Flynt Movie” by Joel Kaplan
“Wine by the Numbers” by Wesley Fiore
“Tokyo Broadcasting and Aum Shinrikyo” by Helen Hardacre
“What About the Other Africa?” by Folu Ogundimu
“Assignment: Bosnia” by Lindsay Miller
“Media Rights in the New Hong Kong” by Tsang Tak-sing
“Foreign Correspondent in Manila” by Rodney Tasker

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