Nieman Reports

Spring 1993

America's Children

Cover for Spring 1993

“A Voice for Children” by Melissa Ludtke
“Television’s Opportunity” by Dan Amundson
“The Local Beat” by Carol Kreck
“Students Get Short Shrift” by Dale Mezzacappa
“Shaping Values” by Laura Sessions Stepp
“Child Abuse-The Wrong Message ” by Richard Wexler
“Family Life: The Last Taboo” by Richard Louv
“Why Youths Kill Themselves” by Tom Regan
“Special Pages for Young People” by Ira Stoll
“What Third-World Press Really Needs” by William S. Wasserman Jr.
“Black Columnists Speak Up” a Nieman Seminar
“New CIA Wine, Old CIA Bottles” by Zachary Karabell
“The Ones We Miss” an IRE Panel
“How Sacred Is Off the Record?” by Kenneth Freed
“The Swamp root Chronicle” by Robert Manning
“Media Circus by Howard Kurtz”
“Murdoch by William Shawcross”
“Lord Beaverbrook by Anne Chisholm and Michael Davie”
“Newspapers’ Upheaval by Stephan Russ-Mohl”
“Even White Boys Get the Blues by Doug Marlette”
“Terror in the Night by Jack Nelson”
“Taming the Storm by Jack Bass”
“The Shadow of Death by Philip E. Ginsburg”
“Today Is Not Like Yesterday by Ted and Nyna Brael Polumbaum”

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