Nieman Reports

Spring 1991

1992 Presidential Election

Cover for Spring 1991

A How-to on Covering the Campaign
“A Plan for Newspapers — Setting the Agenda” by Julius Duscha
“A Plan for Television — Breaking the Rules” by Edward M. Fouby
“A Press Czar’s First Ukases, With Flogging a Penalty” by Russell Baker
“Key — Finding How Candidates Would Act in White House” by James David Barber
“Forcing the Issues — Push Candidates Every Day” by John Herbers
“Swearing off Polls — They Lead Press and Public Astray” by Martin F. Nolan
“Investigators’ Vital Questions — What to Add to Checklist” by Ann Marie Lipinski
“Making Voters Believers — 10 Ways to Combat Apathy” by Geneva Overholser
“Fun on Trail — Despite the Image Makers” by Bill Boyarsky
Other Features
“Hope and Pain in Magazine Staffs in Easter Europe” by Peggy A. Simpson
“Writing and Typing, Alcohol and Coca-Cola” by John Kenneth Galbraith

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Bill Kovach
Robert H. Phelps
Business Manager
Carol Knell

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