Nieman Reports

Spring 1983

Media Superpower

Cover for Spring 1983

“Librettos, Padlocks, and Sovereigns” by Tenney B. K. Lehman
“The Power of the Media” by Sidney L. James
“What Happened in the California Gubernatorial Election?” by Thomas F. Pettigrew
“Fighting Pain and Time” by Frank Van Riper
“No Runs, A Few Hits, and Many Errors” by Chuck Stone
“Children of Crime” by Anestis Diakopoulos and Stephen Morin
“Not To Be There For A While” by Andrzej Wroblewski
“An Evening With Tito’s Old Friend” by Brian Dickinson
“China Reporting Revisited” by James C. Thomson Jr. and Walter Sullivan
“Inside Afghanistan” by Bruce Stannard
“Letter From Southeast Africa” by Bernard Rubin
“The Iranian Papers Case” by William Worthy
“Remembering Cassie Mackin” by Jerome Aumente et al.

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Tenney Barbara K. Lehman
Assistant Editor
Daphne B. Noyes
Business Manager
Kettee J. Boling
Jan Morgan
James C. Thomson Jr.
Cover Photo
by Anestis Diakopoulos

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