Nieman Reports

Spring 1979

Of Ants and Men

Cover for Spring 1979

“The Hong Kong Formula” by James C. Thomson Jr.
“Of Ants and Men” by E. O. Wilson
“Nonwhite America: The Unseen Environment” by Robert C. Maynard
“Mix War, Art and Dancing” by Lauren A. Pratt
“The Dividends of Freedom” by Clayton Kirkpatrick
“The State of the First Amendment” by Jack C. Landau
“Faces of China” by William J. Woestendick
“The State of the Black Press in 1979” by Henry G. La Brie III
“Travel with Parents” by D. B. Noyes
“What Makes a Newspaper Great” by Dwight E. Sargent

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Tenney K. Lehman
Editorial Assistants
Carin Pratt and Kettee J. Boling
Janice Morgan
Editorial Chairman
James C. Thomson Jr.
Circulation Manager
Noreen Ferrante

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