Nieman Reports

Spring 1964

The Wire Service in Latin America

Cover for Spring 1964

“Free Press and Fair Trial” by J. Russell Wiggins
“The Wire: Services In Latin America” by Peter Barnes
“News in Depth: An Indian Commentary on U.S. Reporting” by T. V. Parasuram
“Newspapers For Africa” by M. Neff Smart
“The Face of the Newspaper” by Harold W. Wilson
“The Women’s Section” by Sister M. Seraphim, O.S.F
“The Times Fails to Win the West” by Elliott Marple
“Three Presidential Images” by John Merrill
“Why Diplomats Clam Up” by John Kenneth Galbraith
“The Kennedy Story” by O. W. Riegel
“Can a Yellow Rag Change Its Color?” by Max Hall
“The Power of the College Press” by Jean Heller
“The Banners and the Bard” by Richard Hauer Costa
“A Look At The Future Of Education For Journalism” by A. L. Higginbotham
“Why Not To Start A Newspaper” by Houstoun Waring

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