Nieman Reports

Spring 1963

The News Management Issue

Cover for Spring 1963

“The Feel Of The Facts” by Richard Hauer Costa
“The News Management Issue: As Washington News Men See It” by Bruce Galphin
The Symposium:
“Look at the Product” by John L. Steele
“P.I.O.: Natural Enemy” by Richard Dudman
“News-Proof News?” by Douglass Cater
“Hard, Unglamorous Work” by Julius Duscha
“The Academic Influence” by Robert C. Toth
“National Security Fibs” by David J. Kraslow
“Needed: Irresponsibility” by Alan Barth
“Press Can’t Have It Both Ways” by Murrey Marder
“Work Is the Equalizer” by Richard L. Harwood
“Government by Fait Accompli” by Donald L. Zylstra
“No Problem for Real Reporter” by John J. Lindsay
“Two-Way Street: President’s press conference, Feb. 7”
“Looking Down on News Men — And Why” by Robert H. Fleming
“A Southern Aspect” by Bruce Galphin
“For That Hole in the Forms” by Edwin A. Lahey
“‘News’ in Vietnam: A Case of Underdeveloped Freedom to Know” by Nguyen Thai
“Danger From Within” by Lord Francis-Williams
“The Anti-Secrecy Law In Wisconsin” by Sheila Sullivan
“The Times “Libel” Case” by Shad Polier
“Crisis in India: Press vs. Parliament” by Ram Nandan P. Singh

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