Nieman Reports

Spring 1957

The Press and the Fund for the Republic

Cover for Spring 1957

“Sale in Two Cities”
“Reporting on Communist China in Japan” by Kazuo Kuroda
“Canada’s New Press Awards” by Lester B. Pearson
“The Washington Post Measured Its Campaign Coverage: Found They Came Out Even”
“New York Times Election Survey Came Close: How they did it and how they assess results” by Donald D. Janson
“The Big Shift in Negro Voting” by Richard L. Lyons
“The Foreign Correspondents” by Theodore E. Kruglak
“The Supreme Court And Its Critics” by Luther Huston
“Technical Writing” by Harold K. Mintz
“American Scene—from Down Under” by Desmond Stone
“The Loma Tribe Is In The Know—’If The Rumor Is True It Is In The Paper:’ The Story of LIberia’s Only Non-English Paper” by James W. Carty Jr.
“The Press and the Fund for the Republic” by Frank K. Kelly
“Newspaper Sins Against Privacy” by Ignaz Rothenberg
“Who Says So?” by Cary McWilliams”

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