Nieman Reports

Spring 1956

Newspaper Prospects on Balance

Cover for Spring 1956

“Freedom To Dissent?” by H. L. Smith
“Free Press and Fair Trial” by Simon E. Sobeloff
“As Gainza Paz Takes Back La Prensa” by Richard Dudman
“An Advertising Man Looks At Journalism Education” by Daniel S. Warner
“The Balance Sheet of Newspaper Prospects” by Raymond B. Nixon
“A Negro Reporter at the Till Trial” by Simeon Booker
“What’s News in the World? Does It Tell the Story of What’s Happening?” by W. McNeil Lowry
“A Smaller Group Than Usual” by Desmond Stone
“As Pigeons Feed Their Young: For a Balanced Diet of News” by Charles H. Campbell
“Go Anywhere, Young Man: An Argument that Turnover in a Staff IS Healthy for Both the Man and the Paper” by Edgar F. Seney Jr.
“An Outside Look at Our Editorial Pages” by Max Freedman
“The Moral Imperative” by Charles A. Sprague
“A Precedent the Press Should Examine” by Clark Mollenhoff
“Letter to a Departing Newspaperman” by Richard H. Costa

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