Nieman Reports

Spring 1954

The Great Secrecy Case

Cover for Spring 1954

“Elmer Davis Speaks His Mind”
“The Great Secrecy Case: Was It Suppression or Service in San Francisco’s Kidnaping” by Kenneth E. Wilson
“Who Should Train Our Newspapermen?” by Keen Rafferty
“Information–Do the American People Really Want It?” by Frank J. Starzel
“Reporting in the Far East: II” by Christopher Rand
“The UNESCO’s Two-Point Indictment of the Major News Services” by Lawrence Fernsworth
“‘Fish or Cut Bait:’ The ‘Quick Idea’ system of foreign news coverage” by Charles E. Higbie
“Weekly Editing—Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be” by Henry M. Keezing
“The Time Machine—Miracle or Monster?” by Richard H. Costa
“Newspaper Headlines: ‘Reflections of a Mere Reader'” by Jerome D. Greene
“To Meet the Reader’s Needs” by Floyd Taylor
“FM Offsets Local Press in Knoxville” by Leroy P. Graf
“Some Mighty Famous Careers Wax Despite Deadly Diabetes” by Frank Carey

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