Nieman Reports

Spring 1953

The Campaign Coverage: How Fair?

Cover for Spring 1953

“The Duty to Speak Out” by Adlai Stevenson
“For Self Examination By The Press” by Barry Bingham
“Our Free Press. How Free?” by Charles A. Sprage
“An Outsider Looks at the Press” by Zechariah Chafee, Jr.
“The Press and Its Critics” by Barry Bingham
“Press Performance in the Campaign: A Consideration of the Indictment of a ‘One-Party-Press'” by Robert H. Estabrook
“Where Democrats Aren’t News” by William Proxmire
“Video Will Change Coverage of News” by Thomas Sancton
“The Press Looks at the Press: In the Field of Foreign News” by Frank K. Kelly
“The One Un-American Act” by William O. Douglas
“On Headline Writing: Some Basic Rules for Attractive Heads” by Reginald Coggeshall
“An Independent Editorial Page: The Milwaukee Journal” by Lindsay Hoben
“Freedom Is Indivisible” by James S. Pope
“Another View of the Saalfelden Incident” by Alexander Kendrick
“The Challenge to the Mass Media in a Time of Crisis” by Leslie G. Moeller
“The Science Reporter’s Job” by Francis E. Carey

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