Nieman Reports

Spring 1952

Louis Stark's Own Story

Cover for Spring 1952

“The New World of the Journalist” by William F. Swindler
“Louis Stark’s Own Story: Foremost Labor Reporter Tells How He Started Making Labor News” by Louis Stark
“Canadian News Has an American Accent” by R. A. Farquharson
“Physician, Heal Thyself” by Theodore Long
“‘False, Dull Unreadable:’ Trollope on the U.S. Press, 1862”
“Can We Have Any More William Allen Whites?” by Evan Hill
“The Truth About Korea” by John Davies Jr.
“The Writing Is Not Good Enough” by Carl Lindstrom
“Now One Way To Educate Newspapermen” by A. L. Higginbotham
“‘Throw Girl In River:’ Headlines: Their Use and Abuse” by Keen Rafferty
“Yalu Disaster: Inside Story of UN Front Commanders in the Dark” by Gordon Walker
“Thoughts on Books” by John H. Crider
“Why Wars Fail To Win Peace” by James Morgan

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